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                                                     The worldview of the arcanscool

A.A. Bailey and master D.K. present a worldview with seven big planes.

The lower six planes contain the six hinduist planes. Each plane has at  least 5 subplanes. The 7th plane contains further divine hierarchies. The planes have each permanent atoms.

1 ADI - first cosmic ether

'Parabrahman' and very much higher planes

the ONEs


- second cosmic ether


3fold (up to 7 fold) Monad


3 spiritual - third cosmic ether atmic Holy spirit ; Brahma
4 Intuitional - fourth cosmic ether buddhic
5 Mental manasic
6 Emotional astral
7 material .material body

The cosmic governors of the rays in the hinduist tapoloka
Alice Bailey speaks about 3 primary and 4 secondary governers of the 7 creative rays which control creation -  analog to Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma(Form). Each ONE has such governours.

* Kepher : 7 Planes