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  Japa Yoga

Japa Yoga is a form of Yoga which uses the transforming qualities of sound on all planes of creation. The primordial sound is here the Shabda or Pranava or Nada, which is a theme of several Upanishads.

Means of this Yoga are short Bija-Mantras, which are especially  in the Visuddha Chakra but also in other chakras. The mantra sastra deals about these mantras.

The tantric sadhanas developed a multitude of longer mantras and combinations of mantras  for repetition with a mala or during meditations and contemplations. Suich mantras are known as sahasranamavalis of deities (ishta devatas). Well known mantra is 'Om namaha Shivaya' and 'Om Nama bhagavate(vasudevaya)' .

Mantras of Sri Vidya  often end with '..hrim' like ' ka-e-ī-la-hrīṁ ' . Here the Guru initiates his disciple into a mantra japa called  Pañchadaśī mantra or any other mantra of his choice.

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