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Heracles fights
with Geryon

Geryon (greek : Γηρυών, also Geryones and Geryoneus) is a figure of Greek mythologyHe is considered the son of Chrysaor and the Okeanide Kallirrhoë (Hesiod, Theogony 287, Stesichorus Geryoneis Frag, Apollodorus 2,106, Hyginus Pref) and a grandson of Medusa and a nephew of Pegasus.

(According to Pausanis (Paus. 10.17.5 Description of Greece) Geryon had a daughter Erytheia, who in turn had a son Norax with Hermes.)



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According to Hesiod, Geryon lived on the island of Erytheia ('Red-land', the land of afterglow), which was said to have been located far to the west beyond the pillars of Heracles and near Gadeira (Cádiz) or among the western islands of the Hesperides.

Passing through the 'pillars of Heracles' means esoterically going out in the wide Okeanos with a safe ship from step 12 to the step 13 of the Universal Path.

The pillars correspond to the pillars  Yakim and Boaz at the entrance of the solomonic  temple of initiation. Tarot card 12 shows them also.

(According to Hekataios Geryon lived in the area around the Ambrakish Gulf.)

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together Rebis



Geryon is described in Hesiod's Theogony as a monster with three heads. He had three bodies grown together at the hip, and he is often depicted with three swords and shields and sometimes also winged.

His exceptionally beautiful cattle, a herd of red bulls, was guarded by the shepherd Eurytion and the two-headed dog Orthos, a brother of Kerberos, or even by Kerberos himself.


Geryon became particularly well-known by Herakles, who stole his herd. He seized the cattle by killing Orthos and Eurytion with his club.

When the shepherd Menoites, who grazed nearby the cattle of Hades, told Geryon about this robbery, he hurried here and challenged Herakles on the river Anthemos (Ἄνθεμος - river on the Kalaur Mountains) to fight out.

Herakles killed Geryon with an arrow that was soaked with the Hydra's blood.