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                                                         Esoteric symbolism

Esoteric symbolism can be found in magic, in spiritual alchemy and in the mysteries of all world religions like in the Vedas. The symbolism correspondes on the one hand the truth that in higher worlds forms correspond to forces. But it also served to seal the mysteries through a secret language.

The applicated symbolism and iconography consisted, among other things, out of

  • Geometric shapes like triangles and five-star
  • Multidimensional forms such as mountains and cities (= chakras)
  • Persons with the secret meaning of higher forces or aspects of higher bodies (Adam Kadmon, Jivatma, etc.) or of weapons (Ayudhapurusha)
  • Images and paintings with allegorical symbols (including spiritual alchemy)
  • Mystical Animals (Vahanas)
  • Numerology - Esoteric numerical symbolism or numerical mysticism, for example, had the number 3 as the number of the triad and the theological virtues. The 4 served as a number of the world, etc.